Camera catches Bollywood’s biggest business boom – Adult escort services and Adult travel agencies!

Camera catches Bollywood’s biggest business boom – Adult escort services and Adult travel agencies!

The Biggest Business Boom In Bollywood Is Adult Travel Agencies And Escort Services, As Captured By The Camera!

In Bollywood, a new commercial model has emerged. In the center of Bollywood, they are known as escort agencies and adult travel agencies. Some organizations promote their services online, promising to supply lady escorts for foreign guests for the duration of their stay. The worldwide package includes airfare, lodging, sightseeing, delectable meals, and a personal Bollywood escort who works full-time as a top-notch Bollywood model.

For a four or five-day adult sex holiday, the packages range in price from Rs 1,000,000 to Rs 10,000,000. International tourists are arriving in large numbers by plane to experience Bollywood sex firsthand. Some allege they were escorted for more than a day by Bollywood Bombshells.

Some foreign visitors claim to have encountered Russian, British, and Latina women in Mumbai and Delhi as well!

Some of the advertisements are shown here:

  • Does the service of an escort come with the tour packages?

Indeed, the price of every tour includes a single Bollywood escort. The escort travels with you, stays in your hotel room, and participates in the majority of your planned activities.

What is the escort going to do with me?

Actually, this is a private matter between you and your Bollywood escort. Escort services include everything.

  • Are there any other costs associated with the escort?

No, the cost of the tour includes payment for your escort’s services in full.

  • Is there a tip I should leave for the escort?

We advise leaving a tip for the escort. Consider it an act of goodwill.

  • Is changing escorts during my tour more expensive?

Yes, there is a Rs 10,000/- fee if you live outside the metro region. The fee within Mumbai is Rs 5,000/-. The cost of the two escorts’ travel to and from your location is covered by this fee.

  • What additional expenses should I budget for while on a tour?

For you and your guest, food and beverages. Only the tours without inclusions. Anything tiny you might provide to your guest.

Added customer information: Your concierge and the lady visitor of your choosing will meet you at the Mumbai International Airport. You will be met at the airport and transported to the resort of your choice. Your final night will be spent in a five-star hotel room in the Juhu neighborhood, giving you and your female companion easy access to the airport’s amenities.

Clients arriving in the evening should be aware that they will stay in a 5-star hotel suite in a resort till the following morning before being taken to their preferred resort. The escort will always be present.

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